Sunday, 22 July 2012

He was in good spirits today - much less morose than he has been. Always good.

No particular reason for this photo but I like it. Shows us in happier times!

Lovely Staff Nurse came in and said that she couldn't understand why he hadn't been called for his MRI. Apparently, once they're aware of him being an in patient it's their ball to come and get him. She 's left it for hand over in the morning - I assured her that I would ALSO be chasing it up!

She brought in a a booklet that needs to be filled in before, during and after the MDT meeting on Tuesday. Some of it had already been filled in but there were a few things than needed more info. She left it with me to fill in as she could see that I am more than capable.

Apart from the fact that the initial person that had filled in the form had spelt his name wrong in 4 different ways on 8 different occasions, she clearly had spent NO time with Steve and I had to correct virtually everything she had written. Medications were left of the list, and most information was either missing or incorrect. I made it bloody well correct.

Things like "Steve is reluctant to get out of bed and sit in a chair" were changed to "Steve is reluctant to sit in his chair because when he has had enough and needs pain relief and putting into bed, it takes too long to summon help" and so on.

I have had emails from the Teesdale Mercury - the local paper for Steve's home town, and the South Wales Argus so far. Things are about to get busy. Really busy.

I'm starting to put my papers and notes together for the meeting on Tuesday.

Anyone got any telly connections? And PLEASE share this about - pass it on and PLEASE CLICK FOLLOW!!!

Tomorrow I'll be talking about or experiences with the military charities and support services.

Betty Xxx

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