Friday, 20 July 2012


Taken from yesterday's blog:

Also, my big beef at the moment is that there is only one thing known about Steve's condition. It is caused by areas of swelling in the brain - Encephalitis, I believe they call it. Despite this being the only knowledge they have of his condition, he has not been MRI scanned or CT scanned for a year.

I went to see Steve late today - I'd been doing some work in our bedroom anticipating the installation of hoists etc. I've taken photos of out titchy room to show the multi-disciplinary meeting on Tuesday. They'll know what we're dealing with. This:

I believe The Young Ones would call it "compact and bijou".

I'm very sad to report that I found him lying in a pool of his own wee - he had tipped his bottle. He was also incredibly morose, suffering extremely badly with his PTSD.

That's not even what has made me furious.

He didn't go for his MRI.

I don't know why, I waited over half an hour to find a Nurse, outside his room, pacing the corridor like a mad woman - one Nurse was dealing with multiple buzzers going off. The Nurse that was on today was the Nurse that arranged the trip. There COULD be a genuine reason for this, there was no record in his notes that I could see and I examine them every day.

He started telling me about his P.T.S.D. being incredibly bad last night, but it became quickly apparent that it was the story that Jess and I had been discussing last night, so it couldn't have been. He couldn't tell me if it was based on a real event or a dream, but he was very distressed. The building, you see, reminds him of a building in Sarajevo where he served during the Balkans conflict and witnessed some of the terrible things that have given him the P.T.S.D.

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  1. Have you heard of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for the PTSD? I use it in my practise (complementary medicine)& I find it amazing for all sorts of trauma. By the way I was diagnosed with a supposedly v seroius condition 25 years ago - in & out of hospitalfor 2 years, been discustingly healthy since we discovered Holistic appriach using healing, acupuncture & nutritional medicine. Theres always a way t improve things. Its "just" a matter of finding the right people. Which hospital is Steve in? Stay strong.

    Joannah. ( if you want more info)