Thursday, 2 August 2012


I've just come off the phone to Dr. JosePh, Steve's lead consultant. Been on the phone for 15 minutes and for a consultant - this is a miracle.

Dr. Joseph has agreed to refer Steve to the care of Dr Desmond Kidd, at the Royal Free London Hospital. Dr Kidd is a specialist in Neurosarcoidosis (spelling?) Behcets Syndrome, Lupus and M.S., also Neuro-Opthalmology.

Dr. Joseph had been thinking that Dr. Kidd might be the man for the job  and he was on my short list too, so he is referring him as we speak.

Logistically, how we are going to physically transfer him to London poses massive problems, and flying is  going to have to be explored.

Dr. Joseph is totally understanding of my deep concern and we have discussed MANY different options and possibilities, I'm pleased to say that he's working on it right now.

Now I need the help of the London people, M.P.'s and the like to make it happen QUICKLY!

Suggestions, assistance and help all gratefully received, as per usual!


  1. Effing progress!!!! It took him three bloody years to realize he hadn't given me an MRI.

    Where there's a will there's a way hon, you've proved this in a very short space of time xxx

  2. Fantastic news! I have prayed for you both every morning, along side my prayers for Mum. This is what happens when you pray! You are given the strength you need and the right assistance comes to you. Truly I believe that. Wow! Right, how to get a plane?

  3. Let me know what we can do would be delighted to put my size 13s on and do some stomping for you.