Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Not sleeping. It's rubbish, I'm grumpy, but productive.

Today I have typed printed and addressed letters to:

  1. David Cameron
  2. 1AMW Wing Commander
  3. The Honourable Mrs. Shan Legg-Bourke
  4. The Duchess of Cambridge
  5. Her Majesty The Queen
  6. The Duke of York
  7. The Earl and Countess of Wessex
  8. The Princess Royal
  9. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
  10. The Duke of Kent
  11. The Duchess of Kent
  12. The Duchess of Cornwall
  13. Prince Harry 
  14. Prince WIlliam
  15. The Prince of Wales

Letter as follows:

Prime Minister David Cameron
10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA

Dear Mr. Cameron,
I am writing to ask for your assistance on a matter of utmost urgency.
My Husband, Stephen Brunell, has served for just under twenty two years with the R.A.F predominantly under the UKMAMS section and was injured serving his last tour in Afghanistan.

His injury appeared to be superficial but it was discovered eighteen months later that he had actually broken a vertebrae in his neck. He had two operations to rectify this, but sadly never recovered from the second and was as a result medically discharged in 2008.

A year ago, Steve’s consultant made us aware that Steve has severe additional neurological problems, and that he was at the limit of investigations to try to establish what the diagnosis is. For a year, he has deteriorated gradually, but consistently, until recently.

He is now down to 30% hearing, suffers permanent double vision, vertigo, tinnitus, is completely bed bound, only partially continent and has very limited use of one arm. His cognition is impaired and he is a shadow of the man he once was.

Through lobbying the Chief Executive of the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, our local M.P.’s and substantial media coverage, Steve’s consultant has agreed to refer Steve to the Royal Free Hospital in London and into the care of Dr. Desmond Kidd. This referral was done over a week ago, and since even then Steve’s condition has worsened further.

Moving Steve to London is going to be traumatic in itself as his last ambulance trip lasted less than half a mile before he was unable to tolerate the journey.

I am applying pressure to every individual, body, organization I possibly can as Steve really needs to be moved immediately and diagnostic testing started. He is currently not actually being treated for anything, simply having his pain moderately controlled.

 I’m sure you would be doing the same if you were in my position, and I am asking for your help to put pressure on the both concerned health boards to act immediately. I fear my husband has been taken away from me for good – will he ever recover given his level of impairment? With every day that passes I think the outcome will be less positive.
I am more than happy to receive telephone calls, emails or letters for further information and I hope you are able to put your weight behind my campaign.
With the greatest of respect,

Bethan Brunell (Mrs)

League table of contacts to be updated later today - it's not happening quick enough. I'm off down the Post Office to spend a fortune - their all going first class recorded. 

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